Photosetup te invită să experimentezi fotografia nocturnă!

Photosetup te invita sa experimentezi fotografia nocturna!
Daca esti un pasionat de fotografie aflat la inceput de drum, vino alaturi de Photosetup si alti pasionati, sa experimentezi fotografia nocturna in cadrul Festivalului Luminii.
Profesionistii de la Photosetup iti vor da cele mai utile sfaturi despre tehnicile utilizate in fotografia nocturna.
Daca nu ai trepied, Photosetup iti pune la dispozitie un Manfrotto, astfel, ai ocazia sa testezi cele mai noi modele de trepiede Manfrotto si sa obtii cele mai bune fotografii.
Te asteptam sambata – 7 mai, incepand cu ora 20 in Parcul Carol pe aleea principala. Cu siguranta ne vei gasi !


Launching of books at Readers Cafe in Bucharest, April 19, 2011

Provisional Romania is my latest book, published last week by Litera International and translated into English by James Christian Brown. Foreword by Roger Griffin, professor at Oxford University. The book can be found in bookshops in Bucharest and the larger towns of Romania.

Democracy is not just a matter of 24 hours on election day. Democracy also has to be respected during the four years between elections, day-by-day, minute-by-minute, by every public institution, every representative of a public institution, and indeed every citizen.

For this, the laws and framework of democracy are not sufficient. It will take the contribution of every force in Romanian society to transform into practice what we demagogically affirm in theory. And above all, we need a State that is respected and that inspires trust, with professional institutions working in a complementary and ethical way, in harmony with each other.

This book seeks to explain why we are not yet in possession of such an instrument, by analysing Romanian reality in the context of the development of the State over the last 150 years.

The present volume draws the conclusions of the most fruitful and most passionate period of my life on the soil of Romania. And it does so in the year in which I celebrate my fiftieth birthday.

Principele Radu Al României

Foto Copertă de Daniel Angelescu